Paleo Vanilla Muffin Mix 360g

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Made with Organic Ingredients
Grain Free and Gluten Free
Simple and Easy to Use Packet Mix


A muffin mix that is made with genuinely healthy ingredients!

No white flour, sugar, colours, flavors or preservatives to be seen here! We’ve combined 6 ingredients to help you create a delicious grain free and gluten free muffin. We use almond meal and organic coconut flour as a base, and sweeten our muffins with organic coconut palm sugar. We use organic vanilla bean powder to give it these muffins a beautiful vanilla flavor. All you need to do is add the eggs, milk and butter and get baking!

These muffins can easily be made dairy free by using almond milk and coconut oil instead of milk and butter.


Almond meal, organic coconut palm sugar, organic tapioca flour, organic coconut flour, baking powder (bicarbondate of soda, cream of tartar) and organic vanilla bean powder.

May contain: other tree nuts and peanuts from processing line

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